Many thanks to all of the wonderful good beings who supported my work over these twenty years.

Here in the future, feel free to use any of the thoughts and ideas that appear here, over into your own work. Try to create greater happiness in your life and in the life of others. Read into the depths of the presentations that appear in these pages.

There are four primary topics offered in the Finding Happiness In Life series. Choose one or more of them if your organization is having a special conference or program. With a remarkable frequency, Dr. Jules Burgevin is invited to return to organizations where he has previously presented one or more of these topics.

** New Presentation **

Dr. Jules offers the following:

Keynote addresses: Thirty minutes to one hour on one of the four topics or if requested he will design a special topic for a presentation. You will find several of these mentioned in Audience Experiences and Recommendations.

Half-Day Seminars: Usually three hours for groups and organizations that wish to explore a topic or topics in greater depth. Here, it is possible to offer two different presentations for one and a-half hours each. Jules will stay on to facilitate in-depth discussions among audience members that can be extended into lunch for morning presentations.

Full-Day Presentations: The usual time frame for these is 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., then lunch, and then afternoon session from 1:00 to 3:00. In depth time for questions and an open discussion from 3:00-4:00 if requested. These full day presentations can be on any one of the four topics.

Special Openers: forty-five minutes to one hour presentations. They are up-tempo, highly informative, full interest presentations which open the day or open the programme. A certain intensity prevails as they unfold. Examples of openers (1) "Being COOOL" --- i.e. Creating an Open Optimistic Outlook on Life. (2) Why We Really Are At the End of Violence. (3) This is How People Change Their Lives. (4) At the End of Oil the Hydrogen Economy. (5) The Great Sense of Responsibility Among Firefighters. (6) What does the sinking of the Titanic have in common with the collapse of the Towers at the World Trade Center?

"In thirty plus years of business travel around the United States I have listened to many speakers. Jules is certainly one of the most outstanding, most engaging, and thought provoking speakers that I have ever heard. He delivered a keynote in Ithaca, New York in June, 2007, which I attended. The audience was rapidly drawn into a discussion of the provocative ideas and concepts he provided. His carefully prepared presentation was conveyed with a sense of his profound love for the audience and the subject matter. His ability to hold the attention of the sixty people in the room was evidenced by their insistence that he continue his presentation for over an hour longer than the scheduled time period."

David Schutz,
Hoffman Schutz Media Capital,
San Diego, California

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